Are you living with a chronic illness? Is your schedule full of too many medical appointments and visits to the pharmacy, all focused on what is wrong with you? Do you sometimes feel like you are invisible in your own treatment, or are you withholding the truth about how you feel to minimize worry for your loved ones?

Living with Chronic Illness

While counseling cannot change your illness, it can change how you live with it. Imagine being able to speak openly about anything with someone who knows how to listen, who will not judge or have an agenda you need to follow. Imagine being able to speak freely without fear of repercussions. Imagine having an ally to support you through the difficult times, as well as the good.

Working with patients living with chronic illnesses and their families is a major and continually growing part of my therapy practice. I have written published articles on living with chronic illness and pain. I have been a guest speaker on this subject for support groups. I have spoken at the Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation’s Regional Patient Conference, and I will be the keynote speaker at their 2018 National Patient Conference in Denver in April,

If you or someone you love is battling the challenges of Sjogren’s Syndrome, a complicated and challenging autoimmune rheumatoid disease, please join us in Denver, and make sure you come by and say hello. If you or your loved one is living with chronic illness, I’m waiting for your call.

Written by : webAdmkmj