I was having a conversation with a friend of mine recently about something I, personally,
started to do in my life many years ago. I don’t keep track of how often I do it, but I do it a lot.
I thought it sounded a little silly, maybe even a bit Pollyanna-ish, but my friend’s reaction made
me re-think my opinion. She liked it. If I keep doing it after so many years, I guess that means I
do, too!

I ask myself, AM I HAPPY TODAY? If my answer is yes, I think about all the things that make me
happy. For example, everyone in my family is healthy, my dogs make me laugh every day, I
have people who love me, my work is meaningful and with people I enjoy. I think about how
grateful I am and how I can best continue my good fortune. I make it a point to tell those
around me how much they mean to me.

I ask myself, AM I HAPPY TODAY? If my answer is no, I ask myself what is causing me to be
unhappy. For example, I don’t feel well, I’m worried about money, I don’t know what to believe
about the COVID vaccination, and the refrigerator is making a worrisome noise that could mean
a new large expense. I figure out what problems I can address and what problems are out of
my control. I choose what is the top challenge and figure out something I can do that day to
lessen my burden, even if only slightly. It can be as simple, sometimes, as taking a nap or
calling a friend.

Knowing that I am the only person responsible for my own happiness gives me a sense of
power and control over my own life, good or not so good. Once I know what is interfering with
my happiness, I can figure out what I want to do about it, and if it is something I can or can’t
change. My little ritual also reminds me to focus on the good as well as the not so good,
knowing that both are a real part of living.
Are you happy today?

Written by : webAdmkmj