A couple sitting down in an embrace dealing with life stage adjustments.

Life Stage Adjustments

Just graduated from college and lost as to what to do next? Assumed the role of primary caregiver for an elderly relative? Do you find yourself single, again, or getting remarried after being solo for a long time? Thinking about making a career change or retiring? Maybe the last baby just left the nest? Perhaps menopause has shown up to challenge you to one final hormone battle? Life stage adjustments can come in many different shapes and forms, at any time and multiple times. Any of these adjustments can wreak havoc on even the strongest of us.

Life Stage Adjustment Counseling

Change can be really stressful! The ones we deliberately choose to make can sometimes be difficult to implement and are often hard to sustain, no matter how desirable they may be. Then there are the changes we do not choose but must deal with anyway, changes that can make non-negotiable and ruthless demands on our lives without us even getting a vote. Whatever brought you to this place, the work now is to figure out what is best for you and how you will proceed armed only with skills you have used in the past that may not be relevant to your current circumstances.

Life stage adjustments are the times in our lives when we can feel lost, without a compass or sense of direction. Even when the change is good, everything looks different than it did before. Making decisions can seem like nothing more than a roll of the dice. You know you are making critical, possibly life-changing choices, but you are reluctant to trust yourself to know what is best.

What better time to call on the help of an experienced change expert, someone objective but on your side? You don’t have to do this alone! Let Darlene Cross provide you with some insight for all your major life stage adjustments in Henderson and Las Vegas.

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