A New Normal

Learning to Live with Grief and Loss

Darlene Cross

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A Highly Recommended Book!

This is an excellent book for anyone experiencing loss or who has a friend/family member experiencing loss or those professionals who work with people experiencing any type of loss. I have been in all three of these categories and highly recommend this book. The author has added some very good dynamics to her previous book, so I suggest reading it even if you have read the previous book.

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Reinventing Normal

How Choice and Change Shape Our Lives

Darlene Cross

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What Is Normal?

This book does a great job answering that question! It delivered easily digested information that left me feeling hopeful about so many of life’s challenges.

The Guardian


Looking for some reading that makes you feel good about yourself and others, this is a book for you. Easy to read, just very comforting. Answers that are staring a person in the face, but sometimes we don’t see it ourselves, takes someone else to show us.
Just a great read.