Self-Esteem & Confidence

Have you found that you tend to lose yourself in relationships, always focused on the needs of others but seldom take care of your own? Do you believe that taking care of yourself first is being selfish? Do you sometimes feel like you are invisible or that people just don’t seem to listen to you or take you seriously? Are you convinced you could have a happier life if you could just hold stronger boundaries but you don’t know where or how to begin?

Self-Esteem & Confidence is important

Issues involving self-esteem and confidence can play out in many ways in a person’s life. You may find yourself struggling with challenges of co-dependency—when you help someone in a way that benefits them but hurts you. You may be confused about difficult family relationships where you may feel trapped or guilty as if no matter what you do or how good your intentions you are always wrong. You may be frustrated to find yourself in another disappointing relationship that looks too much like re-runs of your past that you swore you would never repeat. You try over and over but keep getting similar or the same results.

Working with a skilled therapist has the potential to help you see yourself in a new light, gain new clarity. Learn to understand not only developmental areas you may have that get in your way but also to recognize and build on your strengths in a way you never considered before. Find out how to have healthy boundaries, how to get your needs met, and how to genuinely feel good about yourself—the best gift you could ever give to yourself and those who truly care about you. Make the call today to create a happier, more fulfilling tomorrow! Darlene Cross provides help with self-esteem and confidence issues for people in Henderson, Las Vegas, and surrounding areas.

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