Adult ADHD

Are you one of the estimated 5 percent of the American population dealing with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? There is much more to managing ADHD than deciding whether or not to use medication, and it doesn’t just affect kids. Adult ADHD can impact your career, your business, your relationships, your self-confidence and esteem, and so much more. Maybe you are the loved one of an Adult ADHD person, frustrated and confused with your interactions, possibly questioning the long-term viability of continuing in your relationship.

How can counseling help adults living with ADHD?

While ADHD diagnoses come in a limited number of types, how ADHD manifests can be very different from one person to another and from one stage of life to another. Understanding how your diagnosis works to your advantage and how it interferes with your success can play a significant role in creating the life you desire and deserve.

You can learn to build on your strengths and grow from your challenges, and you don’t have to do it alone. Darlene Cross’ graduate paper for her Masters of Science degree in Counseling was titled, A Family Systems Perspective to Attention Deficit Disorders (1995). She has family members with ADHD and co-owns a family business with an Adult ADHD partner. Let her background, knowledge, and expertise go to work for, and with you today.

Darlene Cross has published articles and speaks to health organizations on living with chronic illness. Her focus is always on Quality of Life and her message is: A patient has an illness but a person has a life. If you are ready to be seen and heard and treated as a person in a safe and private setting, Darlene is waiting for your call.

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