Given our current political climate and the stress many are describing in therapy sessions as a result, I decided it was a good time to pull this old blog posting out from 2014 and run it again. I wrote it after I had competed in a dog show that included some particularly nasty fighting between humans, but it seems to apply just as much to today’s national events as it did back then to a disgruntled competitor.
(Yes, dog shows really are like that movie.)

Do You Think Or Do You Know?

I was busy cooking one day, with the television on for background noise, when I heard a line that I haven’t been able to get out of my head. I don’t remember the movie at all, but I do recall hearing a man calmly say to a loudly ranting zealot, “your problem is you don’t think, you know.”

You may already be thinking about someone you know who does this, knows it all and doesn’t hesitate to tell you and everyone else. Maybe you are thinking of how you typically react when you hear it. You might even be imagining what it would be like to say to that person, “Your problem is you don’t think, you know.”

The challenge with saying these words to someone in real life is that a person who already knows it all doesn’t need or want to hear anything different from you or anyone else. Your job is only to agree, and
if you don’t you are wrong and will be corrected.

It is arguably easier to just agree, or avoid the person or the conversation altogether, but that isn’t always possible. If it is someone you must deal with, a family member, a coworker, know that arguing to get your point made is likely only going to lead to more frustration and possible escalation. As profound as the line in this movie may have been, it was a movie, intended for entertainment value only.

Whenever I contemplate these words, I cannot help but take a look in the mirror. It’s easy to point fingers at others as if that accomplishes anything or makes you feel better. It’s harder to point a finger at ourselves, but that is where we have the power to make a difference. Do I think or do I know? Do
you think or do you know?

Written by : webAdmkmj