Do you find yourself struggling with communications? Are your messages coming out in ways you did not intend? Maybe this is affecting you in your personal relationships or your work, maybe both. Perhaps you withhold commenting at all to avoid conflict only to find yourself knee-deep in it anyway. On the other hand, you may find yourself on the receiving end of communications that leave you frustrated and confused. No matter what you do it just seems to go wrong.

Good Communications are critical for successful relationships.

Most people would agree that good communications are critical in successful relationships, no matter what the situation. The words WE JUST DON’T COMMUNICATE are often heard in and out of the therapy setting. The reality is that we are always communicating even if not a single word is spoken, a truth well captured in the old proverb: What you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say. If communication skills are so important, where and how do we learn them? We learn at home, starting as an infant as a clean slate and progressing from there. Without any awareness, we are little sponges. We watch our parents, siblings, other adults in our environment, and we learn to duplicate what we see without question. There is little if any awareness that what is normal in our household is not what may be normal in the house next door. It may only become clear with time that your communication efforts may not be getting you the results you want or need.

If you’ve done everything you know and you are out of ideas, it’s time for professional help. Every day is precious and the sooner you begin the better the chances you have for the results you desire. Schedule your appointment today for communications coaching and relationship counseling in Henderson and Las Vegas.

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