A bright and beautiful woman I have had the pleasure of working with for some time recently shared something with me that she said she found especially helpful.  She told me I could also share it with all of you, thinking you might find it helpful, too.

When she first came to see me, her husband of many years was very ill and at the end of his life.  Her demanding career was not going well, but as the head of household she needed her job and felt trapped.  She often got caught up in worrying, anticipating the worst of things that could, and in some cases, did happen.  No matter which way she turned, she felt like she just couldn’t get a break.

Fast forward to now and the story has changed, as stories inevitably do.  Her family has expanded in ways she never anticipated that brings her joy nearly every day.  Her determined perseverance of her career has provided a comfortable lifestyle with retirement looming on the horizon.  For better and for worse, relationships have come and they have gone, and the “better” in this case involves marrying the second love of her life in only a matter of days.  Not only did she get her break, she is happy.

Even in the best of time, though, challenges can still find us.  In this case it is that annoying pesky Worry Voice whispering WHAT IF in her ear.  The cake, the flowers, the music, lions, tigers and bears, OH MY!  When the bride recently shared her wedding worries with a family member, these profound words saved the day:  Stop rehearsing your disasters!

To the Bride and Groom, my readers and I wish you your perfect wedding and a Lifetime of Happily Ever After.  HERE’S TO YOU!

Written by : Darlene Cross