I will always remember my mother’s advice and words of wisdom from the time I was very young until I was not so young at all.  If you can’t say something good, don’t say anything at all.  I never failed to be impressed with how well she lived by her conviction.

I wonder what Mom would say if she were still here today to see how negative so many have become about so much and so often.  In a race to find who is to blame, who is right and who is wrong, even who you should hate, too many seem to feel entitled to an opinion that would rarely meet Mom’s favorite axiom.  But, I want to share something really good I saw happen today, not to impress my mom but because I thought it was awesome.

I was driving home and approached a busy and congested intersection when I saw a broken down car up ahead.  There was one man struggling to push and steer his car out of the middle of the dangerous spot.  I felt sorry for him and was trying to quickly think if there was anything I could do to help when seemingly out of nowhere the answer appeared.

A young female jogger never broke her stride as she headed across three traffic lanes straight for the car and started pushing.  Next, a young man ran over from the sidewalk on the other side and he joined the rescue.  The three young people easily and quickly and without speaking got the car moving and cleared from the intersection and off the road.

I doubt anyone involved will be reading this, but if by chance you are, you did what the best of us strive to do–you made a difference.  To the man with the car, I hope you’re back up and running and with minimal cost.  To the jogger, wow, you were amazing!  To the young man, you saw a problem that needed another helper and you jumped in.  You all worked together, and when the job was done you went on about your ways.  I think my mom with her high standards would be impressed.  I know I am.

Written by : Darlene Cross