How to Get What You Want

Step 1: Know what you want! Sounds easy but the answer may be elusive or unclear. Knowing what you want is critical to setting your right course of action. This is what allows a vision to be created and sustained, and an understanding of what success will look like once you have achieved it.

Step 2: Do your homework. Find out exactly what is involved in reaching your goal. Do you need to go back to school or get special training? Do you need investment money? Maybe you need to stop working at the job you have now so you are available to start something new. Do you have loved ones you need to get on board to support you?

Step 3: How much do you want it? Be realistic here. What you want is not easily achievable or you would probably already have it, so what will it take to get there? Do you have the means, the determination, and the tenacity to hang in there to get to the finish line?

Step 4: Wanting what you have once you have it. Sometimes this can be the unexpected but hardest part of all. The pursuit of a dream by necessity is driven by passion and determination. Turning a dream into reality means living with the results every day, knowing some days are really good and some may not be. The wise person never forgets how never forgets the journey and lives with gratitude for the reward.

Written by : webAdmkmj