If your first question when calling to shop for a therapist is how much do you charge, what you are going to learn is what that particular therapist charges. What you may not learn is whether that person is a good fit for you and your needs, regardless of the price. (Yes, dog shows really are like that movie.)

Can You Afford Cheap Therapy?

What if your marriage is in big trouble and you need help to stop falling off the divorce cliff? Finding the least expensive therapist might result in you paying less for therapy but if it isn’t the right therapist for your case you may also find yourself paying big legal bills.

What if you have a teen who you believe is “out of control?” Not all therapists have the gift to connect with teens to get solid and lasting results, so finding the right one is critical.  If a teen has a bad experience with one therapist or counselor, they can be very resistant to trying again with another one.

What if you have experienced a catastrophic loss that has left you reeling? The last thing you need at a time like this is to have to see several therapists, telling your story over and over, hoping to find someone who understands and has tools to help.

The fact is good therapy is an investment, an investment in yourself, your relationships, your loved ones, and your future.  What is the best use of your time and funds now for the outcome you desire and deserve?   Don’t settle for less.

Written by : webAdmkmj