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Therapist Shopping Tips

Psychotherapists are a little like ice cream—they come in many flavors and finding the right one for you makes all the difference in your degree of satisfaction.  In the state of Nevada, there are five mental health licenses:  Psychiatrists (medical doctors or MD can prescribe medication), Psychologists (Ph.D.), Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists (M.F.T.), and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).  Certification in drug and alcohol counseling is also available (CADC).

Professional licenses are issued by the state to ensure the clinician meets the established minimum professional standards that include a minimum level of education, written and oral examinations, formal recommendations, internship(s), continuing education requirements and yearly license renewal.  Licensing exists solely for the protection of the public.  Licensed professionals will have their degrees, professional license(s), and business license on open display.

Once you have decided which type of professional is appropriate for your specific needs, it’s time to find the right person for you.  A good way to find a therapist is by referral from a friend who has had a good experience or one of your physicians.  The internet also offers many options today.  To find other Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists by Zip Code, you can use the Therapist Locator option on the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy website.  Once you have chosen some names, call those individuals on the phone and interview them to choose the person you feel most comfortable seeing. Discuss fees, payment policies, sub-specialties, office hours and location. A good relationship with the therapist has been proven repeatedly to have the most powerful impact on the outcome of the counseling experience.

Coach Shopping Tips

Coaching is a relatively new and growing career track offering a variety of types of services.  Different training programs provide their own certification with requirements unique to each program  There is no professional license to become a personal coach, a life coach, an executive coach, a life strategist, or any other coaching-related title.  Since there are no licenses, there are no state mandated qualifications or educational standards.

When considering hiring a coach, it is important to shop for credentials and experience.  Do your homework to find the right match for you.  Ask what qualifies the person to coach you.  How much experience does the person have?  What degrees are held and from where?  What is the business and career record of success of the coach?  How individualized are the services for your particular needs, or does the program follow a uniform protocol?  Does the coaching business hold a state-approved business license?  Fees should be openly discussed prior to any commitment and should always be in writing to protect both parties from any later confusion.  And always look for credible references.

You have come to the right place for tips and to find a coach in Las Vegas and Henderson today!