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Best book on grieving

I’ve lost two husbands. The books I read after my first loss were somewhat helpful. This book addresses the real loss of a loved one and teaches one how to get started on living a new life, i.e., “A New Normal”. It’s been very helpful to me and a book which I refer to often View Full →

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A New Normal

Darlene really hit home in many ways. I have had some difficult times over the years and after reading A New Normal, I saw that what I was feeling and how I handled some of the situations was appropriate. It did make me reflect back into my life and see how I could have handled View Full →

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A Must Read

My dad died 2 weeks ago. The depth of grief was and is incredibly hard to deal with. The loss of unconditional love, seeing his chair, his tools, his work bench in the garage. This book covered every single emotion I experienced. I applaud Darlene Cross and thank you. I am working on the new View Full →

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Thank you. I want to try to order another copy for a friend. One for me also. Thank you very much

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