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What is normal?

This book does a great job answering that question! It delivered easily digested information that left me feeling hopeful about so many of life’s challenges.

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A Good Cup of Tea

After reading this book, I purchased four more and gave them to family members! Ms. Cross offers something for everyone no matter where you are in life or your relationships. I not only felt better about myself as a wife and mother after reading this book, I also was smiling. Cross’s insight and wit are View Full →

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Extremely Helpful!!!

Just like her first book, this one is helpful and insightful. This is a very worth while read and I will be able to apply it to my life.

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Excellent book

Really terrific read! I found a lot of great takeaways in the book and so many relatable ideas and examples. Highly recommend this!

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Great book for social work/MFT/psychology students and professionals

As a social work student, I found this book very helpful. I keep finding myself asking my professors to clarify what they consider normal vs abnormal. Cross does a beautiful job providing short (page or so long) vignettes that address a wide variety of issues–pet loss and divorce, stress and self-care, aging and parenting, romance View Full →

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Looking for some reading that makes you feel good about yourself and others, this is a book for you. Easy to read, just very comforting. Answers that are staring a person in the face, but sometimes we don’t see it ourselves, takes someone else to show us. Just a great read.

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Very helpful book!

I read “A New Normal” soon after losing my mother, and it was a big help. So much of my grief came later than expected, and I re-read it again months later to find new meaning in it. It was wonderful to have an affirmation that we all grieve in our different ways. I highly View Full →

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Amazing Book

This novel is a must read for anyone that has dealt or is dealing with a loss in their life. It provides insight on how to cope and also gives hope for the future. It reminds you that it’s possible to move on and have a new normal, whatever that might be for you. The View Full →

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