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Grief and Loss

Grief and LossLooking for help with grief and loss in Henderson or Las Vegas? Have you experienced the profound loss of someone dear to you? Are you feeling helpless, numb, overwhelmed, maybe disoriented as if nothing around you makes sense anymore? You may even be embarrassed you are so emotional, or not emotional enough. Perhaps you are surprised to find yourself having feelings you recognize as grief following the loss of a job, a relationship, after receiving a disturbing medical diagnosis, or watching your youngest child leave the “nest.”

Why is it important to get help with grief and loss?

While friends and family may provide needed support, speaking with a skilled professional who is objective and experienced in grief and loss work can be invaluable in guiding you through this complicated process.

Get help to understand what is happening to you both emotionally and physically. Identify what thoughts and actions are helpful to you in your healing, and which ones just get in your way. Speak openly and freely without expectations, judgements or fear of hurting others.

Call today to schedule an appointment with your own advocate, dedicated to helping you work through the pain of your loss as you find your way to your own “New Normal.”

Not quite sure you need grief and loss counseling but have some unanswered questions?

A New Normal: Learning to Live with Grief and Loss was especially written for people experiencing their first significant loss. This simple little book has gone on to be used by grieving individuals, friends giving the book as gifts to grieving loved ones, businesses giving the book to clients experiencing losses, being used in grief groups, a learning guide in university classrooms and hospitals, one chapter was reprinted with permission in a UK textbook, and it was an Amazon “Grief and Loss” Best Seller for five years. The book can be purchased on Amazon in paperback or Kindle versions and may help answer your questions, or at least point you in the right direction on your journey.