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Chronic Illness

Are you living with a chronic illness? Is your schedule full of too many medical appointments and visits to the pharmacy, all focused on what is wrong with you, but how you live and cope with your illness gets little attention at all? Maybe you love someone living with a chronic illness you want to support in every way possible, yet you have your own feelings that may not be addressed?

How does counseling help with chronic illness?

While counseling cannot change your illness, it can change how you live with it. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the gold standard for helping people living with illness, yet too often this important part of treatment gets lost when it is needed most. Support groups can be extremely helpful, but some people prefer a more private setting or private in addition to group support.

Imagine being able to speak openly about anything and everything with someone who knows how to listen, someone who will not judge or have an agenda or script you need to follow. Imagine being able to speak freely without fear of upsetting or hurting people you love and who you know mean well.

Darlene Cross has published articles and speaks to health organizations on living with chronic illness. Her focus is always on Quality of Life and her message is: A patient has an illness but a person has a life. If you are ready to be seen and heard and treated as a person in a safe and private setting, Darlene is waiting for your call.