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I Need A Therapist

Just as the benefits of therapy have been proven and accepted as never before, finding a therapist—let alone the right therapist—has never been more challenging.  It may seem the problem is a shortage of providers, yet the opposite is the truth.  So, what’s going on? I receive many calls and messages every week from people…

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How to Get What You Want

Step 1: Know what you want! Sounds easy but the answer may be elusive or unclear. Knowing what you want is critical to setting your right course of action. This is what allows a vision to be created and sustained, and an understanding of what success will look like once you have achieved it. Step…

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Real Romance

Discussions about popular romance books and movies frequently come up in therapy sessions. Each person, each couple takes away their own message in their search for understanding and hopes of being understood. Sometimes those messages are unique to one person; often they are similar to multiple people. Sometimes the messages are helpful; sometimes they are not. Who doesn’t love…

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Many if not most people will do anything to avoid conflict.  The problem with avoidance is that healthy conflict, unlike toxic conflict, is a great way to grow a relationship.  Every conflict avoided is another missed opportunity for creating stronger connections with important people in our lives. If two people engage in toxic conflict, they…

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Custody Wars

How does anyone ever really win a war? How can anyone ever measure the true cost, or know with any relative certainty the cost was worth the victory? When the war is over custody of children between divorcing parents, there is no winner, no victor, and the costs are immeasurable. Ending a marriage when there…

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Divorce Remorse

I am so sick of my partner that even the way he chews his food makes me nuts.  I am so sick of my spouse that just hearing her voice grates on my nerves.  I know he leaves the toilets eat up just to make me mad.  I know she deliberately works late leaving me…

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Do You Think or Do You Know?

I was busy cooking with the television on for background noise one day when I heard a line I haven’t been able to get out of my head.  I don’t remember the movie at all, but I do recall hearing a man calmly say to a loudly ranting zealot, “Your problem is you don’t think,…

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Can I Really Have It All?

I was recently enjoying a conversation with a delightfully bright young woman who before the age of 30 has achieved a Ph.D. and is completing a second graduate degree and internship now.  She told me with an air of dismay that women of her generation are being told, and reading, how they cannot expect to…

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