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What is an MFT

What is an MFT? I was talking with someone the other day about a National Patient Conference where I spoke on Living with Chronic Illness. She was shocked to hear about the subject of my presentation, saying she thought all I did was marriage counseling. I assured her MFT’s do a lot more than marriage…

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Why Does Therapy Work?

Multiple things make therapy work, and there is ample research to prove it. Studies consistently find a positive relationship with the therapist is the first step to achieving favorable outcomes. Having a safe place to simply be vulnerable without judgment or restriction can provide a powerful release. Being able to speak freely without interruption or…

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Living with chronic Illness

Chronic Illness

Are you living with a chronic illness? Is your schedule full of too many medical appointments and visits to the pharmacy, all focused on what is wrong with you? Do you sometimes feel like you are invisible in your own treatment, or are you withholding the truth about how you feel to minimize worry for…

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Dogs Daze of Summer

Dog Daze of Summer

I’m miserable. You’re miserable. We’re all miserable. Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer. Every year when spring arrives and the temperatures start to heat up you can hear the collective chant, “I can’t wait for school to be out.” Every late summer when temperatures sizzle and kids are constantly under foot with everyone hibernating indoors…

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Can You Afford Cheap Therapy?

If your first question when calling to shop for a therapist is how much do you charge, what you are going to learn is what that particular therapist charges. What you may not learn is whether that person is a good fit for you and your needs, regardless of the price. What if your marriage…

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Tao of Sportsmanship

Whether you are dealing with little league baseball, college football, competing in the Olympics, or running around the ring in a dog show, the way we win and the way we lose says more about the character of the participant than it does about the sport. It is no great revelation that winning is more…

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I Need A Therapist

Just as the benefits of therapy have been proven and accepted as never before, finding a therapist—let alone the right therapist—has never been more challenging.  It may seem the problem is a shortage of providers, yet the opposite is the truth.  So, what’s going on? I receive many calls and messages every week from people…

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How to Get What You Want

Step 1: Know what you want! Sounds easy but the answer may be elusive or unclear. Knowing what you want is critical to setting your right course of action. This is what allows a vision to be created and sustained, and an understanding of what success will look like once you have achieved it. Step…

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Many if not most people will do anything to avoid conflict.  The problem with avoidance is that healthy conflict, unlike toxic conflict, is a great way to grow a relationship.  Every conflict avoided is another missed opportunity for creating stronger connections with important people in our lives. If two people engage in toxic conflict, they…

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