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Do You Think Or Do You Know?

Given our current political climate and the stress many are describing in therapy sessions as a result, I decided it was a good time to pull this old blog posting out from 2014 and run it again. I wrote it after I had competed in a dog show that included some particularly nasty fighting between…

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Contracting for Co-parenting

So, the divorce is final, the agreement the lawyer put together for you is now in effect, custody is in place, and a judge finalized what your family is going to look like with just one signature. Now, what do you do? Back by demand is the following article. I hope it helps and feel…

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Clear, Concise and Consistent, Again and Again!

I wrote Clear, Concise and Consistent! (below) back in February of 2015 when I added a new boy puppy to my pack and was working hard on training him to be a gentleman as well as a competitor. It’s hard to believe that boy just turned 5 and is a beautiful, well-trained Champion Polish Lowland…

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Triggers—What Are They and What Do You Do with Them?

Triggers are something talked about frequently in the world of mental health, in all types of recovery settings. Everyone has them, some know what they are, and some don’t. If you do know your triggers and understand how they work, do you also know how you can minimize their impact? If you don’t know about…

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What Makes a Divorce Final?

When the judge signs the papers saying you are no longer married, right? Not so fast. Probably most people going through a divorce have said at least once, “I just want it to be over.” But, definitions of what constitutes “over” aren’t necessarily that clear. While marriage counseling is focused on saving marriages, working to…

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Real Romance

Discussions about popular romance books and movies frequently come up in therapy sessions. Each person, each couple takes away their own message in their search for understanding and hopes of being understood. Sometimes those messages are unique to one person; often they are similar to multiple people. Sometimes the messages are helpful, but sometimes they are not. Who doesn’t…

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Mothers and Sons

I have been asked why I wrote about fathers and daughters in my piece Good Fathers Make Healthy Daughters in Reinventing Normal: How Choice and Change Shape Our Lives (copyright 2013), but I never wrote about mothers and sons. It’s a good question. When I was writing the piece on daughters, I had many examples…

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Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned On My Yoga Mat

Here we are again, thinking about getting back to a healthy lifestyle after holidays full of stresses and indulgences–that were anything but healthy. So, is it back to the gym where the biggest part of the workout is finding a place to park your car? Did you try this plan last year, or multiple years,…

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Can I Really Have It All?

This blog article was first published in 2014, but with New Year’s Resolutions looming it seems like a good time to pull it out and dust it off. Many, if not most of us do well with having set goals to work toward but make sure the goals you commit to set will set you…

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What is a Real Friend?

What is a Real Friend? It strikes me that the definition of “friend” has become a bit like the definition of “love.” There are so many different meanings, it can be hard to know for sure what is being communicated. Both words at their most sincere are the gifts of life, but it seems the…

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